Fredericia through Argentinian eyes: Big ships in Fredericia

Cruise guests get a great impression of Fredericia. Photo: Lilén Nahir Altamira

I had never seen such a big boat, until that time I saw, from the streets of Fredericia's downtown, one of the gigantic cruise that stops to spend the day in this beautiful town. It is amazing how the streets are filled with hundreds and hundreds of people of different nationalities.

Fredericia becomes a lot more alive and crowded. That is a good thing, I believe, because it increases the level of sales in the stores, in addition to promoting the tourism in the town and all the activities related to it.

Although I love this place and for me it is obvious the reason why any people could visit this town; I started to investigate the reason why Fredericia is the guest of these gigantic ships.

It turns out that Fredericia is a spot with a lot of history. In addition, this place has one of Europe's largest, best-preserved ramparts, complete with bastions, moats and cannons.

Lilén Nahir Altamira. Photo: Yilmaz Polat

That's not all, because guests love downtown restaurants, as well as those located in the harbor. Everything is so close in Fredericia, that tourists can walk and get to see the beautiful corners that this town offers. Although I have read that they have the opportunity to rent bikes and explore even more the surroundings. All this sounds so great.

The more I searched for information on the subject, the more interesting data were emerging. For example, the tourists who come on the cruise ships not only can visit the beautiful Fredericia, but also the towns and attractions of the surroundings, since this town is the heart of Denmark's Jutland peninsula.

Everything is very close and takes less than an hour to arrive. You can go to the Egeskov Castle and the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, as well as Legoland, Lego House, Koldinghus Castle, among many others.

Fredericia is so unique. I'm so in love with this place and it gives me great pleasure to know that I am not the only one to be amazed by this city; since all the comments I have read about the experience of people who have visited Fredericia are more than positive. The comments speak of how the town gives everything to make tourists feel welcome. They talk about the special and unique that are the local band, the town mayor and town people.

Also they comment that in spite of sometimes the weather is not the best, it is incredible to see the enthusiasm and genuine joy of the whole town with the arrival of the cruise. A user wrote that there was never a reception like he had in Fredericia "in more than 50 cruises to all parts of the world". Adding that "this is a city with a big heart and well worth the time to visit".

After reading so many good things about this beautiful town, one feels even happier and more fortunate to be able to enjoy it every month of the year. Searching for information to write a new blog post has warmed up my heart. It is so special to know that many other people appreciate this precious little piece of the world called Fredericia, full of loving people and magical corners.

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